Our Daily Activities

My little girl’s therapy schedule keeps us very busy. Some days we see two therapists, one therapist for speech and another for vision.  We wake up early, get in the car and go. In between therapy we have preschool, gymnastics and family time. We also squeeze in therapy practice at home. For a 3 year old, our little one is very, very busy and is required to meet many demands.

We have been active in therapy for over a year now and we keep adding more therapy to our schedule. Sometimes we are so busy the only time I have to think is in the car when I am chauffeuring my little one throughout York and Lancaster counties. It’s was during one of these trips that I had an “ah ha” moment. 

As we talked in the car, I looked in the rearview at my little girl and I realized how strong she is for a three year old. She never complains. She has never had a fit of bad behavior for any of her therapists. She completes her therapy without complaint.

I’m am truly amazed by my sweet little girl. She is so smart, strong and hardworking. There are many days when I am worn out by our daily schedule, but she keeps going.

Our road of therapy may be long and ongoing, but I will forever be amazed and proud of our hardworking little one. 


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