Say the word “yes” or “yeah.” Simple right? When Maya answers yes or no questions we receive these responses, “no, na, yenah.” She always slips in the “nah” sound and unless you are looking at her, these responses can be confusing. When there is confusion, frustration soon follows and simple yes and no Q & A’s become breakdowns and battles. 

Sometimes Maya needs to learn one word at a time. Recently, she has conquered the word open. Going from o-hen to open. It was a big milestone in our home. She asks me to open several things throughout the day. Play-doh containers, doors, snacks, etc. It has taken her almost a year to master the popping p sound in open. 

Today, she has a new word to conquer, yeah or yes. Maya’s wonderful speech therapist repeatedly works with her  to say the word “yeah.” During therapy sessions, I watch Maya attempt to say yeah.  On several occasions she said yeah without being prompted. I am so proud of her.  

So here is to conquering the word yeah. It may take time, but Maya will be victorious. 


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