Our Routine

When Maya was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, my goal was to make sure she received a substantial amount of speech therapy.  Throughout our week, Maya attends several speech therapy sessions and she has had substantial growth.  She is now holding conversations and asking questions.  She can now correctly say her name.  We are very proud of her hard work.

Each therapist provides us with homework to complete throughout the week.  We do our best to incorporate their techniques into our daily lives.  Recently, I took video of one of our at home practice sessions.  


A Letter to my Little Boy

Dear Calvin,

You have brought so much happiness to our lives.  Watching you grow over the last months has been one of my greatest joys. You are loving and adventurous and you adore your older sister. You have made our family complete and I thank the Lord each day for giving you to me.

You are too young to realize this, but you play an important role in our family. You entered our family in the midst of your sister’s journey with CAS and from a young age you were an active member in our journey. God knew our family needed you. God knew that mommy needed you.  Mommy needed a constant companion during Maya’s therapy sessions. Before you were born, mommy used to sit alone in waiting rooms and worry about your sister.  I still worry, but your smiles, giggles, and playfulness provide mommy with happy distractions.  I will forever be grateful for you and your adorable personality.

You are so lucky to have Maya as your sister and she is lucky to have you. Neither of you realized it, but you have helped your sister. Since your arrival, your sister has become more verbal. She talks to you, sings to you, and plays games with you. You have helped her on her journey.  You have helped her find her voice.

Thank you sweet boy for playing a key role in our household. Thank you for always smiling. Thank you for adoring your sister. And thank you for completing our family, you are our pride and joy.


Your Mommy