Good Day

Today was a good day, an enjoyable, successful, busy day. Maya had 3 appointments today. Two separate appointments with two different SLPs and one with the eye doctor. Each appointment ended well, good news all around. That’s why I’ve decided to write about today, good days need to be celebrated and remembered.

CAS is a condition requiring hard work, determination, and most importantly, dedication to a therapy schedule. Maya’s therapy schedule is grueling. An average week consist of visiting 3 different SLPs and one Occupational Therapist. In one week she will attend 5 therapy sessions. Sometimes I feel like we spend all day in the car, but our “Mighty Maya” never complains about attending therapy.  I attribute her positive attitude to the amazing therapists that work with her.  Maya’s wonderful therapists are the reason we are seeing tremendous growth in our sweet little girl.  They are dedicated to making sure Maya succeeds and they are as happy as I am when Maya has an awesome day.

Today, everything “just clicked” for Maya.  During her therapy sessions, Maya successfully produced new letter sounds.  Every time Maya successfully makes a correct sound, she has tackled another hurdle in her journey with CAS.  Silly thing is, I don’t think she is even aware of her awesome accomplishments, but I always make sure to celebrate even her smallest victories.  She knows her mommy is proud of her hard work.

Maya’s appointment with her eye doctor went well too. She has not had any regression with tracking and we are moving forward with more at home vision therapy techniques. I could not be more thrilled for our little girl.

Days like today are uplifting. I thank God for providing our family with a strong support system. I’m thankful that I am able to commit so much time to making sure Maya receives everything she needs. I’m extremely grateful for everyone that plays a significant role in Maya’s life. Together we are supporting Maya and she is overcoming the challenges of CAS.