Recently, Maya has been avoiding practicing speech at home. Typically, we sit down and review the letter sounds and words she is learning. I do my best to make the process as fun as possible. Realizing that she has become bored with our usual practice, I decided to make some  changes.

Continuous changes are always needed in a productive work environment.  At home we have changed the name from speech practice to homework. Like every kid, Maya wants to grow up and act  like her older friends.  Now she gets to do homework like her big kid friends. We also use a sticker chart and work toward a larger reward instead of instant rewards. I really enjoy this approach because I am able to incorporate counting and calendar practice. 

Maya is really enjoying our new approaches to speech practice. The changes may be small, but she is motivated and curious and more importantly willing to learn and participate. 

In this video Maya is practicing the sentence “I am four.” 

Click link below.

Sentence practice


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