We spend a lot of time in our car.  Every day we have somewhere to go, therapy, preschool class, gymnastics, visiting family, errands, etc. We like to stay busy and we are always on the move.

For the longest time our car rides were quiet. Maya developed her own traveling habits.  She has always enjoyed holding my hand when we travel in the car.   A tiny voice from the backseat would say, “nan” and I knew she wanted to hold my hand. Maya spoke in simple phrases for a long time and I found myself wondering if I would ever hear her sing nursery rhymes, ask questions, or hold conversations.

Today, the silence has been replaced with growing conversations and endless stories. Maya loves to share her thoughts and hear stories about animals. She asks hundreds of questions. She enjoys singing and dancing to songs on the radio. Her sweet voice is music to my ears.

Here is a clip of a family outing. Maya loves to tell stories and share silly ideas. Her speech is improving and she is working on articulation and grammar.

Car Ride


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