Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Mr. Calvin

I’ll come right out and say it, CJ was diagnosed with “Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech.” (The term “suspected” is used because CJ is under 2 years old. He is almost 22 months.)

As CJ’s mommy I use the term “suspected” very loosely.  A mother knows her child. Watching CJ attempting to communicate is like watching Maya all over again.  He struggles to communicate his thoughts into words.  He has very limited vocabulary. The words he does say are not spoken clearly and are missing syllables. He cleverly has developed his own “CJ Language.” I know he will has a speech condition.

I’m not sure why both of my kids have issues with speech.  All I know is, Kevin and I need to keep moving forward, ensuring both kids receive the love and care they need.

Fortunately for CJ, he has access to phenomenal speech therapists. We are utilizing Maya’s therapists for his treatment.  Maya has a wonderful team of therapists that support and love her.  She has had such tremendous growth over the past year because of her therapists.  When we noticed CJ’s speech was not progressing, we made arrangements to have his speech evaluated.  He has now started speech therapy with two excellent SLPs.

A couple of times a week, CJ attends speech therapy.  He recently began to receive services from Early Intervention and he visits a private speech therapist.  Even though he is young, he has already began to show interests in his therapy sessions.  I am anxious to see how quickly his language development progresses over time.

I’m going to share a video of CJ at 18 months old.  In the video you will notice minimal mimicking of language.






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