Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Maya will begin her last year of preschool in a few weeks.  We have one year to get her ready for Kindergarten.  During this time of the year, I have continuous questions running through my mind…

  • “Will Maya be ready for Kindergarten?”
  • “Can I do more to prepare her?”
  • “How is she going to react to this school year’s schedule change?”
  • “How much progression will she have over the school year, both in speech and academics?”

When I become lost in my thoughts, I have to remind myself of how far Maya’s speech has grown over the last few years.  Her growth becomes apparent when I look back on videos from previous years.

I recently found this video of Maya at age 3.  The video was taken March 2015.  We are in the car and holding a conversation with Maya.  She is telling us about visiting somewhere with a cat and she was scared of the cat.


The second video was taken today, August 17, 2016.  Maya will turn five on September 14, 2016.  We are sitting at our kitchen table working on some school work and playing with beads. Please take the time to watch the video and compare the previous video to these two videos.




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