Maya’s Progression

As you know, Maya has been working very hard over the last couple years to improve her speech and overcome the challenges she faces with apraxia.  My goals for her are to make her speech as intelligible as possible and give her confidence to share her thoughts and feelings with others.

Today, I spontaneously grabbed my phone and recorded her talking.  She is entering a stage in her language development where her responses to questions are delayed.  She is focused on conversations, however, she has difficulty immediately responding to a question. She needs a few seconds to process her thoughts and turn those thoughts into words.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech is a motor planning condition. Maya has trouble planning the movement of her mouth to form the words she is attempting to say, so she will have slower responses to questions and conversation.  She needs time to think about what she is trying to say and as her vocabulary grows, she may need more time to think and respond to questions she is being asked.

I have posted two videos on this blog.  In the videos you can literally see Maya thinking as she is holding a conversation with me.  Her eyes look off to the side as she thinks about our conversation. More importantly these two videos show Maya’s progression. She sings a song, tells a story, holds a conversation and a majority of her language is intelligible.  I am so proud of how far she has come.

SIDE NOTE: I love this graphic, I came across it a few years ago.  It’s focus is on Halloween and Trick or Treat, however, its message can be applied to everyday life. The key words in this picture: BE NICE. BE PATIENT




Childhood Apraxia of Speech

CJ age 2 years 5 months

CJ has been receiving speech therapy from the age of 20 months.  He receives therapy from Early Intervention and from a private practice.  Since his birth, I was hopeful that he did not have Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  He did not have any problems nursing and he quickly moved from baby food to real food.  He babbled, he made a ton of facial expressions, he smiled with ease.  He was different from his sister.  However, around 18 months, I noticed his expressive language was poor compared to his peers.

Here is a video of CJ around 9 months old.  In this video he babbled and expressed his thoughts.


As CJ grew from the infant to toddler stage, his baby babble did not significantly change from babble to words.  He did have a few words, mama, dada, up, eat, more.  However, when he pronounced these words, they were not clear.

CJ is now 2 years 5 months old.  He is saying a lot of words, but yet the words are still not clear and audible to others.  At this stage in his language development, we are experiencing many of the same circumstances experienced with Maya.  He has periods of frustration when we do not understand what he is saying.  When communicating with others outside of our home, I am his speech interpreter.

At home we continue to practice improving his speech.  He likes to play games and talk to us.  He continues to surprise us with the things he comes up with.

Here is a current video of him playing a game with me.