Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Hearing Test

When Maya was diagnosed with Apraxia, we were advised to take her to an ENT and make sure her hearing and ears were checked.  We had Maya’s hearing and ears checked and everything checked out fine.  Recently we had CJ’s hearing tested.  I knew he would pass the hearing test, but it is important to have this test completed and to collect the documentation.

When we meet a new doctor or therapist, they tend to ask two questions, “Does your child suffer from ear infections and did they pass their newborn hearing tests?”  My children rarely suffer from ear infections.  As infants, they each had only one ear infection and the infections were minor.  Also, both kids passed their newborn hearing tests.  However, rechecking their hearing has helped in many ways.

Collecting the appropriate documentation from an ENT helps add to our support system. I can take this documentation to a new doctor or therapist office, present it, and add it to my children’s files.  It helps eliminate many questions the new doctor or therapist may have about my children.

I have also found that schools will ask if the child’s hearing has been tested.  Again, it was nice to share this piece of information with school staff, reassuring them that my children’s speech difficulties are not related to hearing or ear health.







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