Maya Age 6

As usual life has been busy, and time is flying by.  Our schedule is full.  Maya is in half-day kindergarten, attends therapy twice a week at Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center and she is currently playing basketball.  CJ is in preschool and receives therapy several times a week as well.  I am extremely proud of both kids.

Maya has grown so much, physically, emotionally, intellectually, since the start of kindergarten.  My worries about Maya entering kindergarten have greatly subsided.  We are blessed that she attends a wonderful elementary school which nurtures her development in a supportive environment.  She is happy and she is learning and that is so much more then I could ask for.

Currently, Maya is learning how to read.  As expected, it is a bit of challenge for her, she has trouble sounding out letters while reading a word.  As stated on the CASANA website,  research has shown that children with spoken language problems are at higher risk for literacy related problems, (https://www.apraxia-kids.org/library/literacy-and-children-with-apraxia-of-speech/).  So to overcome these issues, we read together and practice reading skills at home.  Next year, when she is in first grade, I plan on asking the school district to test Maya’s reading skills.  I feel it is vital to maintain a running record of Maya’s abilities in language and academic skills.

Overall, Maya is doing remarkably well. She loves school and she loves to learn.  She loves her teacher and her classmates. Below, I’ve posted a link to show Maya’s progression over the past couple of years.  She has grown from having poor speech intelligibility to reading sight words.



Maya’s Progression

As you know, Maya has been working very hard over the last couple years to improve her speech and overcome the challenges she faces with apraxia.  My goals for her are to make her speech as intelligible as possible and give her confidence to share her thoughts and feelings with others.

Today, I spontaneously grabbed my phone and recorded her talking.  She is entering a stage in her language development where her responses to questions are delayed.  She is focused on conversations, however, she has difficulty immediately responding to a question. She needs a few seconds to process her thoughts and turn those thoughts into words.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech is a motor planning condition. Maya has trouble planning the movement of her mouth to form the words she is attempting to say, so she will have slower responses to questions and conversation.  She needs time to think about what she is trying to say and as her vocabulary grows, she may need more time to think and respond to questions she is being asked.

I have posted two videos on this blog.  In the videos you can literally see Maya thinking as she is holding a conversation with me.  Her eyes look off to the side as she thinks about our conversation. More importantly these two videos show Maya’s progression. She sings a song, tells a story, holds a conversation and a majority of her language is intelligible.  I am so proud of how far she has come.

SIDE NOTE: I love this graphic, I came across it a few years ago.  It’s focus is on Halloween and Trick or Treat, however, its message can be applied to everyday life. The key words in this picture: BE NICE. BE PATIENT






There are 2 videos in this post. The first was taken when Maya was 2 years 3 months old. Her language was very limited, saying single words. Many of the words she would say were not clearly pronounced. This video was taken before Maya received her Apraxia diagnosis. 

The second video was taken on 2/2/2017. Maya is 5 years 5 months old. Her language has greatly improved. She can say complete sentences, but at times her words are unclear. 

The significance of these videos are to show the amount of growth Maya has had over the past 3 years.  Her language has improved, her vocabulary has grown, and nothing stops her from sharing her thoughts and feelings.    

(In the first video she proudly says the word, “leaf.” The second video she is talking about feeding leaves to animals.)


Fridays & Word Practice

Fridays are fabulous in our house. It’s our day off, we don’t have preschool and most days we have limited obligations. Fridays are our catch up days. We relax, play, mommy cleans, and we can sit down and practice our words. 

Having 2 little ones with Apraxia, at home speech practice is essential. Typically, we incorporate speech practice throughout our daily tasks and on Fridays we have a chance to sit down and go over our words. 

Today, (Friday 10/21) I remembered to record Maya during our practice session. If you listen closely and watch Maya’s mouth, you can see how she struggles with motor planning. Her mouth becomes confused when trying to pronounce the “k sound” (coughing sound) and the “t sound” (tippy tongue sound). ​

Please take a minute to watch Maya practicing the k and t sounds. We are so proud of her. She is very determined and has an excellent attitude. CJ makes an appearance too. ​



We spend a lot of time in our car.  Every day we have somewhere to go, therapy, preschool class, gymnastics, visiting family, errands, etc. We like to stay busy and we are always on the move.

For the longest time our car rides were quiet. Maya developed her own traveling habits.  She has always enjoyed holding my hand when we travel in the car.   A tiny voice from the backseat would say, “nan” and I knew she wanted to hold my hand. Maya spoke in simple phrases for a long time and I found myself wondering if I would ever hear her sing nursery rhymes, ask questions, or hold conversations.

Today, the silence has been replaced with growing conversations and endless stories. Maya loves to share her thoughts and hear stories about animals. She asks hundreds of questions. She enjoys singing and dancing to songs on the radio. Her sweet voice is music to my ears.

Here is a clip of a family outing. Maya loves to tell stories and share silly ideas. Her speech is improving and she is working on articulation and grammar.

Car Ride



Our days aren’t always filled with lessons and speech therapy. We love to have fun as a family. One of our greatest joys is spending time together as a family. 

We love to let the kids play and act silly. Recently, we have enjoyed watching Maya dance to her new favorite television show theme song. Over the past couple weeks she has done her best to learn the words to the theme song. Hearing her sing the words to the song is the sweetest sound.